Caduceus Contract Address ($CMP Token)

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Caduceus Token Contract Address in Cryptocurrency and Blockchain

The worlds first blockchain dedicated to Metaverse Development is Caduceus and $CMP the Caduceus Token

Caduceus is the first metaverse protocol with decentralized edge rendering, dedicated to providing infrastructure layer of metaverse development. Caduceus is equipped with features such metaverse sandbox editor, XR extended reality technology and EVM compatible. It provides an easy adoptable ecosystem for Metaverse developers and creators.

#Caduceus will provide a multi-dimensional data query and comprehensive chain monitoring. This will resolve some of the long-standing challenges of the #Metaverse and will allow developers to focus on implementing virtual applications.

Caduceus is paving the way for Web 3.0 developers across the globe.

Offering cheaper and more scalabe transactions powered with faster rendering speed.

How to add Caduceus Network on MetaMask Wallet

Caduceus Token parallel transaction engine

Caduceus has developed a meta-array full-merge transaction engine that draws on the matric processing methods of GPUs and AI NPUs. It only takes a click to create a world

We exist to empower creators to build without barriers.

Toolkits for world-makers, underpinned by ground-breaking blockchain technology and a Metaverse Graph (mGraph) consensus algo that enables super-speed transaction processing and unrivalled security.

Developing on Caduceus

Caduceus offers:

Virtual Machines
Fully compatible with EVM virtual machines
Support for Solidity
Support for on-chain dApp development using Solidity
High TPS
Single-node transaction processing capacity up to 100,000 transactions per second
Multiple asset types
Supports ERC20, ERC721, ERC1155, ERC998 and other asset types
Distributed storage
Supports IPFS distributed storage through system contracts, to facilitate large scale data file management
Multiple formation nodes
Multiple module components such as pre-set multi-currency, sub-account management, voting bonus, node penalty, etc

Caduceus Token Contract Address (Caduceus Contract Address)

How to add Caduceus Network on MetaMask

– Network name: CMP
– Chain ID:256256
– Symbol (optional): CMP
– Block browser URL:

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