AZ World Contract Address ($AZW)

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$AZW Token: AZ World SocialFi Token Contract Address Poocoin

Token is BEP20

Contract Address is: 0x1f2cfde19976a2bf0a250900f7ace9c362908c93


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How To Buy AZ World Token On BSC

Buy Tax: 1%
Sell Tax: 8%
Transfer Tax: 0%
  • You can buy on Pancakeswap:
  • Contract: 0x1F2Cfde19976A2bF0A250900f7aCe9c362908C93
  • Link to buy:

How To Use AZ World Mainnet APP

AZ Tech Team, Thanks For Your Support with AZ World project – We built this project 6 months ago – Started Marketing since May 2022
Mobile / Web Application
  • We have 3 versions :
  • Android:
  • IOS:
  • Website version:
Today 3rd June 2022 – We open mainnet on Android version first
And After that we will announce the date to publish IOS and Full Web version
About this model:
The money you earn from Ads Click or Do Task … etc – Our partners will pay for you in this way:
1/ After finishing a task – You will get AZW ( Pending Balance )
2/ Partners System will check and approve
3 / After that – They will send USDT for AZ Tech in a period of time – We use to buy back AZW and send to you by AZW token and you can withdraw AZW
Conclusion: This model will be sustainable in long term in terms of the price of token is up or down – We will have buy back.
You need to hold tokens to be VIP Member :
  • In the first Phase : You only need your wallet
  • ​Register account with your email.
  • ​Login application with your email and password.
  • ​Press setting – And Connect Wallet ( This is basic wallet connection – Like in poocoin … We only get Your public address – We dont need to approve any tokens in your wallet )
  • 1 Email – 1 Wallet – You cant change to prevent spam
  • ​​
  • You can get AZW tokens by referring friends, you will get up to 0.5$ for each referral
  • ​Social screen
  • ​ You can get tokens by reading newspapers, news and watching ads
  • ​You will receive cashback in AZW tokens when you make purchases through the AZW app
  • If you are VIP 2, you will get 1 lucky draw daily. You can win up to 50 USDT​
  • You can earn money by installing apps from our partners. Up to 10,000 AZW.
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